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Devoran Pilot Gig Club is based at Restronguet Creek, off the Carrick Roads near Falmouth.

Our Club was formed in 1989 and has a membership of around 70 and we have three traditionally-built Cornish pilot gigs, Faith, Falcon and Fear Not, plus a ‘plastic’ (fibreglass) training gig ‘Frayed Knot’ and our skiff, ‘Pandora Express’.

Our crews compete regularly throughout the intensive racing season organised by the Cornish Pilot Gig Association as well as in local “friendlies” such as the Friday Carrick Races.

In addition to the season’s racing, and also the local Friday Night Races in the Carrick Roads, we also regularly take part in extra events and gigging adventures such as rowing the Caledonian Canal in Scotland and competing in the Thames Great River Race.

In recent years we’ve had Vets and Super Vets crews participating in both the Diamond Jublilee Pageant and also the Brest Maritime Festival!

We welcome all new and novice rowers and would love to see you on the slip.

30 Years & growing

25th photos

On Sunday 30th August 2015 we celebrated our 25th birthday!
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Cornish Pilot Gigs

The story so far ...

The Pilot Magazine
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There is a comprehensive history of pilot gigs in this edition of The Pilot.
Also (on P8) there’s an article about Devoran boat builder Ralph Bird who is widely credited with leading the renaissance of interest in gig building and racing in the 1980s.

Feedback to the above articles

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May Update! Good News!

On 17th May we’re starting a series of dedicated Training Programmes for Novices with the aim of getting them to crew standards as quickly as possible.

Please see our acebook page for further details.


Learn the basics from our new Novice Handbook:-

Novice Handbook Part 1
Part 1
Novice Handbook Part 2
Part 2
Ask for your free copy at the session.


Rowing/Racing – £105

Rowing/Racing (full time student) – £65

Social Rowing (no racing) – £65

Social (no rowing) – £30

Junior – £10

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Enjoy your free ‘taster’ sessions
before joining up!


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Hi there... for enquiries relating to Novice Rowing and getting started do please have a good read of all the associated info via this link . Cheers :)