A handheld portable VHF radio must be carried in each gig whenever rowing takes place from Mylor or at a regatta or event.

When in the gig it is the cox’s responsibility to ensure that it has sufficient charge and switched to the appropriate channel. When at a regatta or event it is essential that a fully charged VHF is used.

During routine rowing and training sessions VHF Ch.16 is used, but during regattas a dedicated channel is normally assigned for race control (often VHF CH.72 is used).

The club uses 2 x Entel HT644 waterproof handheld VHFs. When not in use, these VHFs are kept in the Club’s VHF Storage and Charging Box at Mylor Sailing School. This box is locked and keys are located in each gig’s safety box.

ht644 ManualDownload
CCAHT manualDownload

The club also has available as backup 2 x Standard Horizon HX300E and 2 x Icom IC-M31 units. These are kept in the gig shed.

DPGC Guidance for coxes.Radio Procedures.rev.01Download