Some years ago the late Ralph Bird, Boatbuilder extraordinaire, who lived and worked at Carnon Mine, researched a regatta called the Devoran, Point & Perranwharf Regatta, held in 1856. It was his wish to recreate this event, and he left a hand drawn map and written details of how the racing was held. In Ralph’s honour, and to honour the history of boat building, and racing in our villages, Devoran Pilot Gig Club are holding a Victorian regatta for 6-oared, 4-oared gigs and 15ft Cornish racing skiffs to be held on Saturday 20th May 2023 at 4.30pm. It is the intention the racing will, allowing for the current state of the creek, follow the course of the original regatta.

For racing this is to be an invitation only event due to the length of race and safety of numbers, however we hope the village communities will join in and watch from vantage points from Devoran Quay to Point Quay and enjoy some entertainment and refreshments. The regatta will be Victorian themed, with much dressing up we hope!

From Royal Cornwall Gazette 5th September 1856